Drifters Coffee House

Drifters Coffee House | 1 Duke St | HoT | RG9 1UR

A haven of hip in the middle of Henley-on-Thames. Brother and Sister-in-law duo Cam and Talia take two things seriously, and that is coffee and connections. They source their coffee from Coopers in Marlow. They have a collection of board games that will excite and delight Generation X and Xennials alike. You can feast on homemade bakes, daily specials, and the best waffles that have ever passed our lips. Plus the brews and the tunes are as delicious as they are smooth. This fantastic coffee shop is ‘their ode to a creative caffeinated community who want their coffee with a side of no fuss honesty from a brand that is homegrown’. Other plus points include a woof-tastic ‘dogs welcome’ policy – and the way they strive to be as ‘plastic-free’ as they possibly can be. A welcome relief to the chain coffee shops that have blighted Henley’s highstreet for years. 

This little hub of hipster cool really is the cat’s pyjamas. We give it a Love Henley Town emoji-style thumbs up! 

Follow them on Facebook | Instagram @drifterscoffeehouse


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