MAMMA.DO Fashion Re:Boot

The MAMA.DO Fashion Re:Boot Event was held on Friday 11th May 2018, and what an amazing vintage soiree it was. Some might say it had a Portobello Road vintage vibe about it, but the Brucie-bonus was that it was right here in Henley. There were around 30 stalls of vintage and designer pre-loved clothes and accessories. A Bar. Music. And a pancake stall. We loved it!



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Reids of Henley

Reids of Henley | 75 Reading Road | HoT | RG9 1AX

Established in 1945, Ian Reid has shaped this family dry cleaning business into a slick marvellous machine of clothes cleaning brilliance. It helps that garment care and cleaning has always been at the heart of the Reid family. Ian’s grandmother, Violet, worked in a military uniform factory as a garment finisher – and his grandparents met when they worked in drycleaning shops in outer London. In the 60s they made their way to Henley-on-Thames, and decided to stick around.

Walking into the back bailiwick of Reids is like finding yourself in the gut of the beast. The staff work hard, and clearly know their ‘pressing, washing, folding’ onions. Even the Boss is hard at work, making perfect the Personal Valet Service customers’ clothes. Our intuition also tells us that Carrie Bradshaw would take great delight running her bony hands over some of the high fashion pieces that come in. And we remain tight-lipped when it comes to naming the plethora of politicians, celebrities, sportsmen, comedians, musicians and dancers that use Reids services on a day-to-day basis.

Services of note include the ‘Ozone treatment’ which uses a magical machine that takes the whiff out of whatever. The de-bobbiling of jumpers that have seen better days. The #breakingupwithplastic initiative that has been implemented this year. And the sheer care and attention that comes as part of the Reids ‘dedicated to perfection’ USP.

Put simply, Reids clean clothes for a town that loves to wear them. We for one are thankful – no one likes random nudes discombobulating Henley’s upper echelon.

Love Henley Town happily gives this business a huge (crease-free) hi-five!

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