Bagatelle Toys

Bagatelle Toys | 63 Bell Street | Henley-on-Thames | RG9 2BA
We’d be as bonkers as a box of frogs if we didn’t include this old school shop in our celebration of Henley-on-Thames! Today, Bagatelle is as important to the little folk of our lovely Thames-side town as it was thrilling to those of us back in the eighties. Of course, times have changed. Gone from the shelves are the Mr Frosty Machines, Fisher Price Yellow Teapots and He-Man figures. Instead a new wave of trends and fun stuff fill the aisles.
A big play-doh covered hi-five to the staff. They are very friendly, and more than happy to deal with little customers and their fists full of loose change. Hey Bagatelle, don’t go changing. We love you just the way you are!